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As UTS Cooling Systems;  

We serve in the field of industrial cooling systems.

Our services; Our customers include projecting, sales, installation, after-sales service and maintenance services in line with their wishes.

Our company;

Attaching importance to R&D,

I cannot attach importance to energy efficiency,

Designing modern, technological and nature-free products,

Adopting the principle of quality open to improvement and continuous improvement,

Offering environmentally friendly products to its customers,

It carries out its activities with the unconditional customer support service and authorized services.

Our Activity Areas:

  • Industrial Cold Storage Rooms
  • Cool Storage Room
  • Cold Storage Room
  • Frozen Storage Room
  • Rapid Cooling Room
  • Freezing Room
  • Container Type Cold Storage Rooms
  • Waste and Garbage Rooms
  • Industrial Cooling Systems
  • Chiller Devices
  • Cold Room Door Systems
  • Sandwich panel
  • Polyurethane Roof And Wall Panel
  • Modular Rack Systems
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems