Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold Storage Warehouse

When it is desired to carry out a work related to the cold storage warehouse, it is necessary to contact a company serving in the field of industrial cooling systems. Especially in big cities, since there are a large number of companies operating in this field, it will be advantageous to choose companies that closely follow the sector developments, are open to development, have an affordable price policy and always attach importance to customer satisfaction. In this way, while the quality of the work to be done increases, the level of satisfaction received from the service will increase. For example, when it is desired to install a cold chamber system, it would be beneficial for the company to have all the necessary equipment and equipment for this job. Therefore, the most accurate company in the sector should be preferred for industrial cooling works such as cold room doors and cold room panels.

Cold Storage Warehouse Features


When it is desired to make a cold storage warehouse, it should have some features. Special anti-slip and durable panels should be used on the floor of the room. Sandwich panels with polyurethane filling should be placed on the ceiling, floor and wall parts inside the cold storage. The outer surfaces of these panels must be hygienic. Special materials made of the same material as the surface parts of the panel should be used at the joints of the inner and outer corners of the panels. Each of the panels is interlaced. In this way, it can be transformed into disassembled at any time. These and similar features will make the cold storage more useful.

We serve in Ankara and its surroundings in cold storage, cold room, cooler, sandwich panel, cold room panel, corrugated panel, flat panel, floor panel, cold room door, swing door, sliding door, flip-flap door and sectional door manufacturing. Cold storage rooms are insulated and constructed by providing insulation for long-term storage of animal or agricultural foods under suitable temperature conditions. While it is generally insulated with polyurethane sandwich panels, it is cooled by evaporators mounted inside the tank thanks to hermetic or semi-hermetic cooling devices. Lowering the tank temperature depends on the capacity of the cooling device. Cold storage rooms are used for many areas of activity in our country are used in areas such as drug storage, vaccine storage in the health sector by providing insulation with stainless and antibacterial panels.

Cold storage rooms are designed according to the temperatures suitable for the optimum storage conditions of the products stored in it. Cold storage rooms can consist of one section or multiple sections with different temperature values. In different parts of such a cold storage room, products that require different temperatures can also be stored in storage conditions.

Cold Storage Warehouse Manufacturing:

Our experts in the production of cool storage warehouses serve according to your demands. Storages or environments established for the purpose of processing, packaging of products that can melt in summer heat such as cool storage warehouses. It is also preferred for the preservation of chemicals used in various fields of industries. A temperature of + 18 ° C is provided in the rooms or environments, which are insulated with a 60mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel. Since the temperature in these rooms will fall below + 18 ° C in winter, dual regime devices provide cooling in summer and heating in winter. You can review our industrial cooling systems page on our product pages.

Cold Storage Warehouse Manufacturing:

The insulation of the warehouses, where + 4 ° C / 0 ° C temperature is provided, is provided with a 80mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel and they are called cold storage warehouses. They are the most preferred warehouse types. It is installed for the preservation of all processed foods that may need cold storage. Main reasons to prevent bacterial growth, which can cause degradation in processed foods, and to decrease enzyme activities and oxidation can be shown as the main reason. It is preferred for fresh milk and dairy products, meat and processed meat products and fresh seafood.

Manufacturing of Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Warehouses:

Warehouses that contain fresh vegetable and fruit tanks. These warehouses can be designed by isolation with a 80mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel at a temperature range of -10 ° C / + 16 ° C. The difference between the temperature values in these warehouses is due to the different storage temperatures of each fruit and vegetable. For example Potato: + 13 ° C, Apple: -10 ° C. If you want to get information about the Potato Storage Warehouses, you can check the page from our field of activity for potato storage, you can see the technology and devices used and you can review the Potato Storage Unit from our products page. You can also check our Apple Cold Storages page in our field of activity for the conservation of apples.

Installing the cooling system only in wet vegetable and fruit warehouses will not be sufficient to realize the preservation process. Since fruits and vegetables continue their vital activities after harvesting, it is necessary to control the oxygen and relative humidity values in addition to the temperature factor in the warehouse. The more vital activities of vegetables and fruits can be prevented, the longer the storage periods can be. You can examine our Humidifier Devices page from our products page on how to keep the moisture content in the tank at desired dimensions. Finally, the difference in the procedures to be applied in the preservation of each fruit and vegetable also results in different fields of activity based on this title. You can examine all of the activity fields related to the product you want to store.

Frozen Product Storage Tanks Manufacturing:

Frozen product storage warehouses are called cold storage warehouses operating at temperatures between -15 ° C and -25 ° C, where the products whose core temperatures have been reduced to -18 ° C in a short time by means of the shock method. The storage times of the products to be stored in frozen storage warehouses, which are insulated with a 120mm or 150mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel, vary according to the product quality and storage time. Products stored in warehouses whose temperature is adjusted considering the storage temperature of the stored products will be stored for a long time without the risk of deterioration during their storage period. If you want to get more detailed information, you can check our Frozen Product Storage Depots page in our activity areas.

Freezing Warehouse Manufacturing

It is the warehouses / chambers that allow the product core temperature to be lowered to -18 ° C in a short period of time so that the goods produced in food production can be stored at -18 ° C for a long time. In the shock chambers, which are insulated with 200mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel, shock operation is performed with double-stage semi-hermetic devices. The shock chambers are generally kept in the temperature range of -35 ° C / -40 ° C, and the aim is to immediately drop the product core to a temperature of -18 ° C. For more detailed information, you can check our Shock Depots page in our activity areas.

Cold Storage Price

Professional consultancy service must be obtained before the cold storage investment. Because there are many issues to be considered before the investment. Cost comes first. Cold storage prices differ according to the capacity and quality of the equipment that will form the cold storage. For this, firstly, it is more important than what will be cooled, how much the product will be cooled and the circulation of this product in and out of the warehouse. Therefore, determination of these parameters will pave the way for cold storage price determination.

Modular Cold Storage Warehouse Prices

Modular cold storage usually sold as a package. Enterprises such as hotels and restaurants, among small and medium-sized enterprises, are in search of modular cold rooms produced in fixed sizes. Panels, door measures, cooling devices are standard and they are not different from the cold rooms designed and built for transportation. As they have no advantages, they will not be in harmonious sizes everywhere. In general, the prices of modular cold stores are fixed according to their measures and capacities, and if they are produced and put into stock, they may be cheaper in the economies with fluctuations in our country’s economy with a fixed exchange rate sales policy.

We make turnkey cold room projects within the framework of UTS Cold Chain quality. From the preliminary analysis of your project, we carry out the design, manufacture, testing and delivery processes within the plan.

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