Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial Cooling Systems


UTS Industrial Cooling Systems, which is Turkey’s leading provider of cold rooms and cooling systems.

With its expert teams in the field, it produces services without sacrificing domestic and international quality.


In accordance with the fast developing technology, it is our company’s quality policy to produce unconditional customer satisfaction and modern, wonderfully designed products.


Our industrial type cooling devices are produced to meet all kinds of cooling needs with wide capacity ranges. The quality and assurance of the Cold Chain brand are produced. We serve all over the world with the principle of “The power behind the chain” with Cold Chain.


Hospitals, clinics, drug stores, supermarkets, patisserie, restaurant, chemical and food industry, schools, hotels are the main areas of use of Industrial Cooling Devices.


Cool Storage + 2 ° C / +10 ° C

Cold Storage -5 ° C / +5 ° C

Deep Freezer -15 ° C / -25 ° C

Quick Freezing -35°C / -40°C


What are the Features of Industrial Cooling Systems?


It is semi hermetic, scroll or screw compressor.

The device has a remote control panel so it is easy to control and manage.

It is designed to be resistant to outside weather conditions.

Interior and External units are delivered charged with nitrogen.

It is shipped ready for installation with electrical panel and all automatic control elements.

It has electrostatic painted steel galvanized cabinet.

High efficiency evaporator design is made according to the capacity.

What are the Advantages of Industrial Cooling Systems?


Production is made in accordance with world standards.

It has high efficiency cooling volume.

It has a low noise exterior unit compared to its competitors.

It has a quality and reliable equipment infrastructure.

It has a design that provides easy installation and assembly.

Compatible with different assembly styles.

There is an external cabin that provides easy maintenance.

It has a wide product range.

It is produced in accordance with HACCP standards.

There is an evaporator design that minimizes moisture loss in the stored product.

It saves energy by extending the defrost time intervals and reducing the number of defrosts.

It reduces operating costs thanks to long defrost-free cooling periods.


What are the Equipment of Industrial Cooling Devices?


Phase protection relay (Low / High), Thermal Magnetic switch, Contactor (in three-phase models), Crankcase heater, Copper tube aluminum lamella condenser, Liquid tank, Liquid holder, Dryer filter, Sight glass.

Liquid flow control solenoid, Service / Maintenance valve (on the liquid line), Pressure switch (Low / High), Gas charge valve), Check valve (in Frozen series), Oil filter, Oil separator (in Frozen series).


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